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Foreign Landscapes


eingereicht von

Leon Billerbeck



Nina Röder

Fakultät / Bereich:
Kunst und Gestaltung

Medienkunst/Mediengestaltung (Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.))

Art der Präsentation



Wintersemester 2016/17

Ausstellungs- / Veranstaltungsort
  • Amalienstraße 13

Teilnahme an den Bauhaus Essentials und dem GRAFE Kreativpreis 2024


Projektbeschreibung online

Out there, there’s this big bubble, hovering over consulting agencies, investment banks and major companies. It’s formed only by numbers, statistics, analyses and profit-oriented minds, causing a static detachment of reality. Highly educated and motivated young consultants and bankers work in a sphere of numb calculation and unconscious analyses in order to maximize the profit of rich companies and private investors. De facto, they juggle around with thoroughly gathered numbers in Excel-Charts and PowerPoint-Diagrams to make the rich even richer, without noticing which gearwheel in the world’s capitalistic structure they actually are.
My observation of my brother’s business consultant career, left me with a very distanced view on this world. It’s a microcosm with it’s own moral, isolating itself from reality and ignoring their responsibility for social inequality. This world is such an abstract construct of capitalism which has, to me, lost the relations to the values of life.
From this perspective I have looked at statistics, charts, diagrams and analysis presentations of my brother, that he has prepared over the years during his studies and in his job. I took pictures of those neatly, colorfully made presentations of facts and numbers, wresting all sense from it by portraying them as hazy, abstract landscapes of colors. Hence, the images exist as independent, mystical compositions, illustrating and criticizing a distant world that hovers above capital and profit.

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Ausstellungs- / Veranstaltungsort


14.07.2017 12:00 – 16.07.2017 18:00
Amalienstraße 13, KELLER


Ausstellung einer Selektion der fotografischen Arbeit "Foreign Landscapes", betreut von Nina Röder.
+ Rauminstallation "Lichtwolke" in Zusammenarbeit mit Benedikt Sobel im Nebenraum.