summaery2017: Projekte

Design a sustainable value chain


eingereicht von

Aileen Schaare


Sophia Trautmann, Leonie Fischer, Berenike Arbeiter, Juliane Schmidt, Joshua Seckerdieck, Maiella Di Donato, Jakob Kukula, Anja Zachau, Luzie Deubel, Maximilian Kullmann, Anna Fletscher, Daniel Hösl, Wan Chuqiao, Ryan McGoldrick, Kathy Huang, Simona Mancusi, Michael Braun, Leonardo Corvaglia


Gastwiss. Dipl.-Des. Tjeerd Veenhoven

Fakultät / Bereich:
Kunst und Gestaltung

Produkt-Design (Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)),
Produkt-Design/Nachhaltige Produktkulturen (Master of Arts (M.A.))

Art der Präsentation



Sommersemester 2017

Ausstellungs- / Veranstaltungsort
  • Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 7 - Van-de-Velde-Bau
    (Atelier 002)

Teilnahme an den Bauhaus Essentials und dem GRAFE Kreativpreis 2024


Projektbeschreibung online

The current paradigm shift towards a sustainable existence is pushed by innovations in material developments, disrupting digitalisation and radical new production techniques. This paradigm shift has large impact on the field of design and the role of the designers. Design is not just about the aesthetics, or about bringing the form to function anymore. The new young design professional can work anywhere in the value chain, he or she can be involved in the development of raw materials or help design a new brand to tell a sustainable story. They pick up challenges, from designing a social event to improve cohesion in a city neighbourhood to coming up with concepts to re-use waste. When existing companies do not want to invest in their ideas they become entrepreneur themselves to kickstart their sustainable innovation. Things are changing and even though design in itself can not change the world it can be a great tool to make it happen. This semester the students were challenged to design a sustainable intervention on a conventional value chain. Their ideals and views on the future of this world is what drives their creative process resulting in 16 very different, but all inspiring projects.

Ausstellungs- / Veranstaltungsort