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Tanjong Pagar Waterfront: A Procedural Urban Design Project in Singapore


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Reinhard König


Iuliia Osintseva, Ondrej Vesely, Kateryna Konieva


Jun.-Prof. Dr. Reinhard König, Vertr.-Prof. Dr. Sven Schneider, M.Arch. Abdulmalik Abdulmawla

Fakultät / Bereich:
Architektur und Urbanistik

Architektur (Master of Science (M.Sc.)),
MediaArchitecture (Master of Science (M.Sc.)),
Advanced Urbanism (englischsprachig) (Master of Science (M.Sc.))

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Sommersemester 2017

Ausstellungs- / Veranstaltungsort
  • Belvederer Allee 1a - Kubus

Projektbeschreibung online

This urban design project addresses an area in Singapore, Tanjong Pagar Waterfront that is redeveloped from a container terminal to a new urban district for 250.000 people. It is a collaboration with the Futures Cities Lab (FCL) of the Singapore ETH Centre, where Prof. Dr. König is Co-PI for Cognitive Design Computing in the Big Data Informed Urban Design project. The students from Bauhaus-University Weimar spend two weeks at the FCL in order to interact with an international urban research group. The aim of the project was to use innovative computational urban design tools to automatize parts of the planning process. The result is an adaptive digital mater plan, which works hand in hand with an overall urban planning strategy.

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Ausstellungs- / Veranstaltungsort