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Mobile Rendering of Massive Scanned Datasets


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Carl-Feofan Matthes


Students of Computer Science and Media / Medieninformatik


M.Sc. Carl-Feofan Matthes, M.Sc. Adrian Kreskowski, Prof. Dr. Bernd Fröhlich

Fakultät / Bereich:

Medieninformatik (Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)),
Computer Science and Media (englischsprachig) (Master of Science (M.Sc.))

Art der Präsentation



Sommersemester 2018

Ausstellungs- / Veranstaltungsort
  • Bauhausstraße 11
    (Raum 008, VR-Labor)

Projektbeschreibung online

So-called structure-from-motion algorithms allow for the reconstruction of highly detailed point
cloud models based on unordered collections of photos. Our vision is to shoot photos of an object
with a mobile device, send them to a point cloud reconstruction server, which then processes a point cloud 3D model. The dataset can finally be observed using a standard web-browser on any device. In this demo, we show an implementation of the data-management and rendering part of this vision at a work-in-progress state and present a point-cloud server to which you can directly connect with your smartphone. This allows you to explore large point-cloud models in on your own device without installing further apps.

Opening hours OpenLabs 2018:
Friday, 13 July, 5 – 10 pm
Saturday, 14 July, 2 – 4.30 pm

Ausstellungs- / Veranstaltungsort