summaery2016: Projects

Inter Alias

Project information

submitted by

Phillip Klein



Ursula Damm, Charles A. Wuethrich

Faculty / Section:
Art and Design,

Degree programme:
Media Art and Design (Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.))

Type of project presentation



Winter semester 2015/16

Exhibition Location / Event Location
  • Coudraystraße 13a

Participation in the Bauhaus Essentials and the GRAFE Kreativpreis 2024


Project description online

The North Korean computer operating system "Red Star OS" is peppered with software to secretly monitor peoples behaviour. Part of it is the service "opprc" that runs in the background permanently. It signs every media file on the hard drive with a digital watermark to attain conclusions about the user - or not?

"Inter Alias" is an artistic examination of the North Korean surveillance service "opprc".

Email: hallo[at]

Exhibition Location / Event Location