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Media Art Award 2016

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Linda Schumann


Diana Cota, Jan Peter Frodermann, Elise Hentzschel Paul Hermann, Neele Hille,Natalia Martinez, Evelyn Reuß, Tim Wiezorek


Linda Schumann

Faculty / Section:
Art and Design

Degree programme:
Media Art and Design (Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)),
Media Art and Design - Study programme Integrated International Media Art and Design Studies (IIMDS) (Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) and Master of Arts (M.A.)),
Media Art and Design -Study programme Media Art und Design (MAD) (english) (Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)),
Media Art and Design - Study programme Media Art and Design (MAD) (english) (Master of Science (M.Sc.))

Type of project presentation



– Other –

Exhibition Location / Event Location
  • Schwanseestraße 92 - Gaswerk

Brauerei Weimar-Ehringsdorf GmbH

Project description online

Do we affect our environment and our life ourselves? Do we shape and alter the things that surround us, or does our environment shape us and how we see the world? How much do we influence our surroundings and when will the digital world take over that purpose?
The graduates of the Media Art and Design program address these questions through the installations, photography, videos, objects and performance in contention for to this year's Media Art Award.

Since 2009, the Media Art and Design program places the Media Art Award along with the Video Advancement Award of the Bauhaus Film Institute. Traditionally eight outstanding thesis projects and four student film projects still in development are nominated and shown in a curated exhibition.

An independent expert panel of judges reviews the nominated works. The winners of the €4500 prize, which is kindly underwritten by Merkur Bank, will be announced at the ceremony.

Nominated are G. Dilek Acay, Claire Dorweiler, Florian Froger, Jorgelina Garcia, Stefanie Heim, Martin Melcher, Melisa Palacio und Marie-Christin Stephan, Jaykrishnan Subramanian.

Awarding of the Media Art Award 2016: 15.07.16 / 4:00 pm / Gaswerk Weimar
Performance „Black Body Radiation“ of Claire Dorweiler und Melisa Palacio: 15.07.16 / SCC/Studio 1 / 11:00 am

Exhibition Location / Event Location


15.07.2016 16:00 – 15.07.2016 17:30

Medienkunstpreis 2016 Preisverleihung

Die Gewinner des Medienkunstpreises des Studiengangs Medienkunst/Mediengestaltung werden nach dem Rundgang der Jury, zusammen mit den Gewinnern des Filmförderpreises des Bauhaus Filminstitutes, in einer feierlichen Preisverleihung ausgezeichnet.

15.07.2016 11:00 – 15.07.2016 11:45

Medienkunstpreis 2016 Performance: Black Body Radiation

Black Body Radiation ist eine multimediale Bühnenperformance von Melisa Palacio und Claire Dorweiler mit Tanz und Projektionen, die Max Plancks Experimente zur Schwarzkörperstrahlung als Ausgangspunkt nimmt.