summaery2016: Projects

BIM as a teaching and instruction tool

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Jenny Rütz


Veera Ganesh Reddy Bareddy, Vijay Madankumar Huple, Lakshitha Srinivas, Tulasi Ram Tammu, Khalid Tariq


Abdur Rehman Nasir

Faculty / Section:
Civil Engineering

Degree programme:
Natural Hazards and Risks in Structural Engineering (NHRE) (englischsprachig) (Master of Science (M.Sc.))

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Summer semester 2016

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  • Marienstraße 13

Participation in »ENERGIE.EXPERIMENT.ERLEBNIS. Eine Nacht die Wissen schafft.«

Project description online

The students will become familiar with BIM modeling and 3D animation software. Building information modeling (BIM) in connection with virtually animated tutorials will be used to create a virtual reality environment for helping construction supervisors for instructing (on site) or training (off-site) construction labors. 3D animated video tutorials of typical and easy construction tasks will be made and then linked to a 3D BIM Model to create a virtual reality. This technological way will help the labors to visualize, prepare and implement specific and repetitive construction tasks. The invention could eliminate problems associated with the present practice where linguistically barriered and less educated labors are usually instructed only verbally on the site.

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