summaery2016: Projects

Global Sound Sphere – kinetic Light- and Soundinstallation

Project information

submitted by

Alexander Pospischil



Prof. Robin Minard, Prof. Ursula Damm

Faculty / Section:
Art and Design

Degree programme:
Media Art and Design -Study programme Media Art und Design (MAD) (english) (Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.))

Type of project presentation



Winter semester 2015/16

Exhibition Location / Event Location
  • Coudraystraße 13a

Participation in the Bauhaus Essentials and the GRAFE Kreativpreis 2024



Project description online

In the spatial installation GLOBAL SOUND SPHERE, the great richness of diverse soundscapes from around the world is brought to life by the irregular movement of a spherical object. This object not only projects a moving beam of light across the installation space but also determines the selection, arrangement and playback of sounds in space. The installation is connected to the extensive and ever-growing online-database RADIO APOREE and thereby has access to almost 30.000 recordings from more than 25.000 locations on earth.

Exhibition Location / Event Location