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GROUNDING - an exhibition of graduates represented by Gallery Eigenheim Weimar/Berlin

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Galerie Eigenheim


Konstantin Bayer, Benedikt Braun, Enrico Freitag, Martin Mohr, Adam Noack, Stefan Schiek, Michal Schmidt, Julia Scorna, Moritz Wehrmann, Christiane Wittig


Claudia Weinreich

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Art and Design

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– Other –

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  • Asbachstraße 1 - Gärtnerhaus

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Galerie Eigenheim, Stadt Weimar

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Gallery Eigenheim Weimar/Berlin represents mainly graduates of the Bauhaus University Weimar as well as contemporary Chinese artists. In this exhibition, we want to provide an insight into the work of our represented graduates. Since May 2016 the gallery is located in the Gardener's House of Weimarhallenpark. In the first group exhibition of Gallery Eigenheim in these premises, we take the outstanding location insight the idyllic and scenic park as a occasion for the exhibitions contextualisation. The title "grounding/Erdung" conjunct the resettlement of the gallery as well as the discovery and re-orientation of graduates after graduation. However, as a central concept in the bioenergetic analysis this concept goes far beyond this.
"Grounding" (*after Clauer and Winkler) can be seen as the upright posture in the gravity field with contact to the ground with stability and independence; as sensing contact with all areas of one's own body; as beeing rooted in the perception of everyones own body; as beeing grounded in deep local history; as the understanding of everyones own biography; as the ability to enter into and maintain relationships, and as a condition of emotional holding force and can be understood as a universal bracked for the challenges of a free artistic life. (*J. Clauer: Zum Grounding-Konzept...,Gießen 2009, ISSN 1610-5087 / S. Winkler: Das Grounding...,Osnabrück 2011, ISSN 0946-8846)

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