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1+2+3D: Print Your Idea!

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Su Li



Su Li

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Art and Design

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Media Art and Design -Study programme Media Art und Design (MAD) (english) (Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.))

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Summer semester 2016

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  • Bauhausstraße 7 b

attractive to children

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In 1+2+3D: Print Your Idea! we will talk about the basics about rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, addressing all steps of the design and production process, from the basics of 3D modeling and prototype design to techniques for 3D printing. Participants are invited to bring their fantastic ideas and can create their own 3D-printed objects, which can take the form of anything from a miniature model or sculpture to a precision component for a wearable device, tangible object or broader physical computing project.

Email: lisu.idesign[at]

Exhibition Location / Event Location