summaery2016: Projects

woven & stacked container

Project information

submitted by

Fridolin Knorr


Sebastian Arzet, Arch. M.Sc.


Prof. Gerrit Babtist

Faculty / Section:
Art and Design

Degree programme:
Product Design (Bachelor of Arts (B.A.))

Type of project presentation



Winter semester 2015/16

Exhibition Location / Event Location
  • Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 13

Participation in the Bauhaus Essentials and the GRAFE Kreativpreis 2024

Participation in »ENERGIE.EXPERIMENT.ERLEBNIS. Eine Nacht die Wissen schafft.«

Project description online

woven & stacked container

The woven container is a multi-functional and robust storage furniture. Hanging, standing or lying, it holds your everyday items in two wodden boxes. The container does not implicate a specific direction of use. Therefore it does not only offer multiple ways of positioning, adapting to changing needs and environments, but also inspires different spacial arrangements in your daily routines.

The stacked container is an easily built-up metal frame that holds up to two wodden boxes. Those boxes can be arranged in every direction to personalize the use of the furniture and to provoke a playful instinct with your private environment. The container itself can be stacked up to five units, representing a classical closet. With lesser units it becomes a cabinet, commode or slender shelf.

Exhibition Location / Event Location