summaery2016: Projects

"search for Freedom or escape from reality"; traveling on the Appalachian Trail

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Tobias Kühn


Tobias Kühn, Sebastian Furs-wollbaum, Wolfgang Kühn


Gastwiss. Simon Wachsmuth, Naomi Tereza Salmon (Ph.D.)

Faculty / Section:
Art and Design

Degree programme:
Fine Art (Diploma)

Type of project presentation



Summer semester 2016

Exhibition Location / Event Location
  • Freifläche 3 / outside 3 (zwischen VDV und Amalienstraße 13)

attractive to children

Participation in the Bauhaus Essentials and the GRAFE Kreativpreis 2024

Appalachian Trail Conservacy (ATC),
NY-NJ Trail Conference

Project description online

Ther Appalachian Trail is a more than 2000 mile long trail along the Appalachian Mountain Ridge in North America. Even Henry David Thoreau wrote in his book "Walden" about life in the vast Wilderness surrounding the Trail, wich is also called the "green tunnel" of America. 2015 Istarted the long and troublesome walk as part of my free-project subject : „Search for Freedom or Escape from Reality“ to research the growing subculture of long distance hikers. The questions I had were: What motivates people to excange the luxury of home for a long time in the wilderness? How does the walk change other people and myself? What gives people the enegry to cross nearly the whole of the United states within 4 to 7 months? And what can I myself learn from them and the experiences I`ve made , and how does it affect my artworks?

next to the works i did as result of walking the trail I will build a shelter as background for the exhibition and work itself behind the Vand de velde-Bau. During the exhibition i will live in that shelter, like I did at the Appalachian Trail

Exhibition Location / Event Location