summaery2017: Projects


Katrin Steiger

Véronique Chassé, Teresa Fischer, Tim Vischer, Julia Albrecht, Klara Kühn, Mary-Kate Parkhurst, Doreen Dahm, Anne-Kathrin Schleif, Thomas Schulze

Prof. Christine Hill, Sebastian Helm, Katrin Steiger

Art and Design

Fine Art (Diploma)


Summer semester 2017

  • Marienstraße 5

A exploration into the artistic persona, how it develops and how best to present it to the outside world.

A review of all manner of guides and strategies that artists and creatives invoke in describing and detailing their motivation and their output.
In a series of exercises, students investigated forms of artistic presentation and display, focusing on precise vocabulary, performative skill and different forms of public representation. Project participants used their own artistic practice as a basis for executing a number of different descriptive strategies