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Tee-Ecke mit Wilkommens-Quiz des Netzwerkwelcome Weimar

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Netzwerk Welcome Weimar



Dr. Christian Kästner

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  • Freifläche 1 / outside 1 (Zwischen Hauptgebäude, M18 und Campus.Office))

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The network „WELCOME WEIMAR“ is a union of several student initiatives at the Bauhaus Universität Weimar who focus on projects with refugees. Founded in April 2016 by the member initiatives and student working groups (WE HELP, IfF – Initiative für Flüchtlinge, Wortschatz, Arbeitskreis Buddyprogramm/Studienvorbereitung für Geflüchtete, Weimar’s group of „Flüchtlinge Willkommen“) it aims to enable a constant exchange among each other – the members, locals and refugees.

The shared email address refugeewelcome[at] and an office as a contact point for refugees and interested parties have been created. Information about available projects and other possible ways of participation is easily accessible for students and refugees.

The network Welcome Weimar is supported by the DAAD program „Welcome – Studierende engagieren sich für Flüchtlinge“. Several workplaces for student and academic assistants have been created at the International Office. They care for the office (Marienstr. 7a, room 012) as a first contact point for refugees at the Bauhaus- Universität and organize language trainings with refugees as well as the Refugee Buddy program or any organizational network tasks, communication, creation.

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Email: refugeewelcome[at]

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