summaery2017: Projects

Freehand drawing excoursion to Plauen/Vogtland

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Andreas Kästner


Huang Mengqi, Anastasiia Orobko, Danny Linke, Jonas Mazicschek, Monika DebowskaKrzystof Klus, Ana Ferrer Tarolli,


Prof. Andreas Kästner

Faculty / Section:
Architecture and Urbanism

Degree programme:
Architecture (Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.))

Type of project presentation



Summer semester 2017

Exhibition Location / Event Location
  • Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 8 - Hauptgebäude / main building

attractive to children

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As in each summer semester there was a drawing excoursion for the bachelor course. The third time we went to Plauen. The participants found a comfortable and citynear accomodation in the youth hostle "Old fire guard". After an interesting sightseeing tour the participants had 4 days to improove their skills in freehand drawing. We had the aim to develop the own handwriting, the experimenting with different techniques but also having a good time together with friends in a town the most participants did not know before. In this four days the participants could observe Plauen from many different angles of view. Plauen is embedded into the tight landscape of the Vogtland hills. In many Streets and places the strong topography is to be noticed, what brings an extraordinary challange to the drawer. The inner space of the lategothic Church St. Johannis with its netrib vaults is very demanding while drawing this highly complex building form. Beside the clear cut network of streets and places in Plauen there are to be found silent and picturesque spots too, as the weaver houses nearby the mills ditch. Sure we will be back in Plauen soon.

Exhibition Location / Event Location