summaery2017: Projects

schrottshop - supermarket. superscrap. superawesome.

Philipp Wartenberg

Philipp Wartenberg

Prof. Christine Hill, Juliane Fuchs, Franka Sachse

Art and Design

Media Art and Design (Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.))


Summer semester 2017

  • Trierer Straße 5 - Der Laden

Kreativfonds, StuKo, Labyrinth Hostel Weimar, Der Laden

schrottshop is an artistic shop performance. A "supermarket for scrap", in which discarded things become inventorized, conceptually dissected, rearranged, presented and prepared for a hypothetical sale according to the material, form, color, former function, potential function and ideal values.

The focus of this artistic field research is on the question of the potential use of objects after they become "scrap", why they became "scrap" and who are potential buyers.

It's an attempt to define what "scrap" is - in the context of problems such as resource shortages, recycling and sustainable design.The goods assortment is made up of "goods deliveries" by the visitors.

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