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Julia Bee


Maria Adorno, Marion Biet, Mareike Färber, Susan Goldammer, Lola Guigal, Gerrit Heber, Charlotte Hoffmeister, Darja Klöpfer


Julia Bee

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Media Studies (Master of Arts (M.A.)),
Media Studies - Study programme European Film and Media Studies (EFMS) (Master of Arts (M.A.)),
Media Studies (Bachelor of Arts (B.A.))

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Winter semester 2016/17

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  • Bauhausstraße 7c - bauhaus FACTORY

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The presentation consists of 9 works by students, out of which 7 works were exams in media studies (Ma) and media culture (Ba). The films are screened parallel in a loop, each with a single monitor and headphones.
The works are dealing with different places and topics like a small shop in Weimar, a muliti-national neighbourhood in Turino, work and happiness in a cooperative factory in France, memories of smell and the poem "Erlkönig" (...) The films and audio installations were produced individually by students as exams for the seminar Ciné-Ethnography, in which we discussed different approaches and genres in the history of ethnographic documentary film. The films shown during the summary are creative approaches to different styles in ethnographic filmmaking of the last decades. They ask how film itself can be seen as a technique of ethnographic research and how the camera can be an instrument of observation. In addition the films deal with the politics of transcultural representation and how the presence of the camera changes the object of research.

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