summaery2017: Projects

Virtual Africa

Integrated Infrastructure IN3

Andreas Aicher, Dirk Donath, Ephrem Gebremariam, Jörg Londong, Martin Dennemark, Metadel Sileshi, Nicole Baron, Saskia Kuliga, Sven Schneider, Tesfaye Hailu, Zegeye Cherenet

Architecture and Urbanism

– Other –


Summer semester 2017

  • Belvederer Allee 1a - Kubus
    ("Blauer Pool", EG)

EiABC Addis Abeba, Dr. Phil. Saskia Kuliga

In this installation, visitors are invited to immerse themselves into virtual reality and to explore Ethiopian villages.

A cooperation with the InfAR VR-Lab. Funding by BMBF and DFG.