summaery2017: Projects

The light of desire

Lucas Zimmermann

Prof. Hermann Stamm, Jens Hauspurg

Art and Design

Visual Communication (Bachelor of Arts (B.A.))

Final project

Summer semester 2017

  • Schwanseestraße 92 - Gaswerk

"The light of desire" is my final photographic work. It is a research about the lighting with drones in photography. What kind of lighting mood can be created with this new technology and what possibilities of lighting composition are emerging from it? During my visual experiments, I approached an emotion. The result of this approach is now presented in light boxes during the summaery.

14.07.2017 18:00 – 14.07.2017 18:30
Schwanseestraße 92 - Gaswerk,


Vernissage im Rahmen der Ausstellung.

14.07.2017 18:30 – 14.07.2017 21:00
Schwanseestraße 92 - Gaswerk,


Öffentliche Ausstellung der Abschlussarbeit - Im Anschluss Party von Praeparadies