summaery2017: Projects

My Shirt is my Remote Control

Jeong Eun Lee

Lucas Hübner, Jeong Eun Lee, Phil Hagen Jungschläger, Laura Angelica Raya Hernandez

Hornecker, Eva Professorin, Dr.-Ing., Honauer, Michaela


Computer Science and Media (Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.))


Summer semester 2017

  • Bauhausstraße 11
    (Seminarraum 14)

Refugees have been one of the biggest topics in Germany during the past years. We want to show the condition, under which some of our Syrian friends arrived in Germany.

Within the performance, we as a team, try to depict the story of a Syrian student ,who decided to flee from his own country and start his studies anew here in Germany. The plot revolves around him, whilst traveling to Germany by plane. During his flight, we get insights of his past, seeing him recalling memories.

With a projection, we visualize a window into his consciousness. By performing, our actor will control that projection in real time. This is due to our interactive costume, which is outfitted with sensors and the capability to communicate with the projection.