summaery2018: Projects

Film, Photography and Installation by students of media and cultural studies

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Julia Bee und Michael Cuntz


Jasmine Wenzel, Taissa Fromme, Josephine Jatzlau, Ines Kasner, Maike Wiechert, Annabelle Betz, Paul Harhausen, Isabelle Schlecht, Felix Brieden, Marie Salzmann, Mathilda Fischer, Leonie Becker, Nina Kormann-Eyermann, Jakob Schrenker, Fabrice Vanner, Alina Toropova, Franziska Grewe, Paulette Bassiner, Frederike Merkel, Leonie Bruns, Hannah Gerlach u.a.


Julia Bee, Michael Cuntz

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Degree programme:
Media Studies (Master of Arts (M.A.)),
Media Studies (Bachelor of Arts (B.A.))

Type of project presentation

Final project


Summer semester 2018

Exhibition Location / Event Location
  • Bauhausstraße 7c - bauhaus FACTORY

Project description online

Bauhaus Factory will become an exhibition space for various works of students in the program media and cultural studies: film, photography, installation and a journal will be presented. Students address topics like fear (Ines Kasner, Annabelle Betz), racism (Frederike Merkel, Leonie Bruns und Hannah Gerlach), preparations for summaery architecture and urbanism (Paul Harhausen und Isabelle Schlecht), Dziga Vertov (Felix Brieden), music and driving (Alina Toropova), shelter milieus like changing rooms (Franziska Grewe), family history (Marie Salzmann/Paulette Bassiner), sports (Mathilda Fischer) and immersion (N. Kormann-Eyermann, J. Schrenker, F. Vanner) showing the variety of topics of their exams and creative ways of exploring approaches in between theory and practice. Film, photography and installation become visual and auditory ways of dealing with theoretical questions discussed in the seminars on milieus and atmosphere by Michael Cuntz; transcultural cinema as well as documentary film by Julia Bee. Also, a magazine will be exhibited created by Jasmine Wenzel and Taissa Fromme as an exam of the lecture series "differences and affirmations" working with artistic and theoretical articles concerning "pressure".

Exhibition Location / Event Location