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Survival of the Fittest (Evolutionary Game Tournament)

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André Karge


Max Weber


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Norbert Siegmund

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Degree programme:
Computer Science and Media (english) (Master of Science (M.Sc.))

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Summer semester 2018

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  • Bauhausstraße 11

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The chair of Intelligent Software Systems of the the media faculty developed a game to test and visualize the theoretical concepts of evolutionary algorithms mediated in the lecture Search-Based Software Engineering in practical manner. In the game, two optimization methods developed by students and employees of the Bauhaus-University Weimar compete against each other to survive in a hostile environment.

Students developed their own optimization methods to control the behavior of their assigned population. The population which survives longer or kills the most enemies wins the game.

As part of the Summaery 2018, we will present the competitions in tournament form where all submitted optimization methods fight against each other to reward the best performing optimization strategy.

Exhibition Location / Event Location