summaery2018: Projects

Hotel Raschaglius

Juliane Steffen

Prof. Jörg Springer. Max Wasserkampf, Sebastian Schröter

Architecture and Urbanism

Architecture (Master of Science (M.Sc.))


Summer semester 2018

How do you build in or relate to a context as the given one? This will be one of the very important questions that we will have to give an answer to. The typical strategy of referring to a certain environment, as we know it from city contexts, does not work in this situation.The idea of a reaction to the environment, that it „cause and effect“ equal, must give a local reference, given from the found conditions and, conversely, that omitting this type of reaction would lead to the absence of this location reference leads to a misunderstanding. To create the place that is to be created – our hotel – we first have to develop a clear attitude towards the task and, above all, the landscape. As recently as we are able to describe how our house relates to the landscape, how it connects inside to outside and vice versa, we are in a position to give an appropriate response to the place.