summaery2018: Projects


Christian Wiegert

Christian Wiegert, Anne Kalthöner, Florian Henschel, Victoria Grossardt, Louisa Hainich, Leon Bucher, Anne Pollack-Boick, Joshua Goodman, Jascha Fibich, Sophia Trautmann, Moritz Neuner, Daniel Scheidler, Michael Mahle, Pauline Temme, Leoni Fischer

Gerrit Babtist

Art and Design

Product Design (Bachelor of Arts (B.A.))


Summer semester 2018

  • Freifläche 3 / outside 3 (zwischen VDV und Amalienstraße 13)

"2x3 = 4" explores the possibilities of collaborative design. How do you synchronize many brains for common brainstorming? How do you merge many ideas into an overall concept that does not degenerate into a lifeless compromise? How do you implement a concept practically and technically, while the participants change constantly without losing focus?

In several workshops approaches were examined, the result of which is the "UNSICHTBAR"(=invisible).

INVISIBLE are many of the key ingredients of a healthy coexistance. The necessary communication. The networks between people. Some things or information are invisible, though they better should not . Last but not least, very beautiful parts of the Weimar study culture must remain invisible to continue existing, although in our opinion they represent an essential part. So does the "UNSICHTBAR", which, if you find it, may bring a little more light into the darkness.

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