summaery2018: Projects

Bauhaus 100 — Ein Fotografisches Portrait

Samuel Solazzo

Jannis Uffrecht

Claudia Weinreich

Art and Design

Visual Communication (Bachelor of Arts (B.A.))


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  • Belvederer Allee 1c - x.stahl

In the course of the Bauhaus anniversary in 2019, we, Jannis Uffrecht and Samuel Solazzo (both students of visual communication in the field of photography), made it our mission to pause for a moment and look at the activities and work at the Bauhaus University Weimar to judge. The aim is to create a visual library that displays a contemporary portrait of the university. New perspectives and perspectives on already often seen. A modern, artistic interpretation of the Bauhaus idea. Through a clear, formal imagery, the analogue black and white photographs, a uniform, aesthetic image can be derived. Workshops, studios and workspaces, campus areas, offices and lecture halls, around all places where student and creative activity takes place, are to be recorded. A look behind the scenes. The works to be seen represent a current intermediate state, a work-in-progress.