summaery2018: Projects


Project information

submitted by

Jascha Fibich


Tanja Spät, Pina Rücker, Jakob Hinsken, Erik Gebauer


Ulrike Mothes

Faculty / Section:
Art and Design

Degree programme:
Visual Communication (Bachelor of Arts (B.A.))

Type of project presentation



Summer semester 2017

Exhibition Location / Event Location
  • Marienstraße 1b

Participation in the Bauhaus Essentials and the GRAFE Kreativpreis 2024

Project description online

Klangflug is an atmospheric video performance with an documentary film. At the
Acrobatic Yoga will get a person on the feet and hands of the partner. It is a feeling of weightlessness or flying. The sounds of the quartz glass bowls displaced the people in a hypnotic state.

Marienstraße 1B room 301
Open Thursday and Saturday
19 to 20 o'clock

Email: Jascha.fibich[at]

Exhibition Location / Event Location