summaery2018: Projects

Pool Resonance- A Meditation Journey in Schwanseebad

Sze Ting Wong



Art and Design

Public Art and New Artistic Strategies (english) (Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.))

Final project

Summer semester 2018

  • Marienstraße 14
    (1st floor)

Pool resonance is a site-specific performance which was presented in the 90 year old swimming pool in Weimar- Schwanseebad. The modern city development is ever coherent to it's recreation facility.A swimming pool contains bodies and social life which interact in the site regarding the past and an extension to the future.

The project examine aesthetic of "Collective rhythm " with audiences. Collective refers to more then one self, rhythm combined with two major abstract elements refers to sounds and action. In the performance, bodies are the subjects in a present moment to make sounds and to take action. On the site, body motion are synchronous through a guided audio. A series of exercise including body scanning, slow motion walk, humming, floating are delivered with a slow motion.

Hence, the project is an experiment in aesthetic and sociological content which combined meditation and sonic aesthetics and aimed to open up a new point of view of how people see familiar public spaces and interacts with strangers in a unique experience.